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2016-17 Men's Basketball Univ. of New England Game-by-Game Highs (FINAL) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Southern Maine 11/15/16 67-76 L 16-Jean-Luc Park 6-CJ Autry 4-Drew Coveney 4-Drew Coveney 3-Sam Thomas at Thomas 11/18/16 64-69 L 14-Drew Coveney 8-Drew Coveney 9-Drew Coveney 2-Zachary Kupfe 2-Drew Washingt Gavin Dibble Jean-Luc Park vs UMaine Farmington 11/19/16 69-67 W 19-Drew Coveney 11-Drew Patno 6-Jean-Luc Park 1-Jean-Luc Park None Daron Hoges, CJ Autry BOWDOIN 11/22/16 52-60 L 17-Jean-Luc Park 6-CJ Autry 3-Drew Coveney 3-Drew Washingt 1-Daron Hoges, Drew Washingt Drew Coveney BATES 11/28/16 68-71 L 16-Jean-Luc Park 10-CJ Autry 8-Drew Coveney 2-Zachary Kupfe 1-Tom Nason Jean-Luc Park Zachary Kupfe Drew Washingt Drew Coveney at Wentworth 11/30/16 40-44 L 8-Daron Hoges, 8-Sam Thomas 3-Gavin Dibble 2-Drew Coveney 2-CJ Autry Sam Thomas Jean-Luc Park SALVE REGINA 12/03/16 64-53 W 14-Tom Nason 9-CJ Autry 6-CJ Autry 3-Daron Hoges, 3-Tom Nason Jean-Luc Park ENDICOTT 12/06/16 65-78 L 14-Tom Nason 7-Daron Hoges, 8-Drew Coveney 2-Drew Coveney 1-Evrim Ozkan Drew Coveney at Westfield State 12/11/16 75-94 L 24-Jean-Luc Park 6-Drew Coveney 3-Daron Hoges, 3-Drew Coveney 3-Tom Nason CJ Autry Jean-Luc Park at Keene State 12/30/16 95-69 W 30-Gavin Dibble 10-Sam Thomas 9-Drew Coveney 7-Jean-Luc Park 1-Tom Nason Drew Coveney WESTERN NEW ENGLAND 01/03/17 64-59 W 16-Drew Coveney 10-Sam Thomas 3-Drew Coveney 4-Drew Coveney 3-Sam Thomas Gavin Dibble at Roger Williams 01/05/17 63-70 L 13-Jean-Luc Park 9-CJ Autry 4-Jean-Luc Park 3-Drew Coveney 2-Sam Thomas Sam Thomas Drew Coveney NICHOLS 01/07/17 68-87 L 21-Jean-Luc Park 10-CJ Autry 5-Drew Coveney 2-Drew Coveney 2-Sam Thomas GORDON 01/11/17 62-74 L 15-CJ Autry 6-CJ Autry 5-Drew Coveney 1-Drew Coveney 1-Tom Nason Jean-Luc Park CJ Autry Gavin Dibble Drew Coveney Zachary Kupfe at Curry 01/14/17 61-50 W 19-Ryan Matthews 9-Drew Patno 4-Drew Coveney 2-Ryan Matthews 3-Drew Coveney Drew Coveney at Eastern Nazarene 01/17/17 62-65 L 13-Drew Muniz 7-Drew Patno 6-Drew Coveney 1-Drew Coveney 1-Ryan Matthews Drew Muniz Zachary Kupfe CJ Autry at Salve Regina 01/21/17 62-70 L 17-Gavin Dibble 8-Drew Patno 3-Jean-Luc Park 4-Drew Coveney 1-Zachary Kupfe Daron Hoges, WENTWORTH 01/25/17 72-58 W 16-CJ Autry 8-CJ Autry 7-Drew Coveney 3-Drew Coveney 1-Tom Nason Jean-Luc Park Drew Patno Gavin Dibble at Western New England 01/28/17 64-73 L 21-Jean-Luc Park 6-CJ Autry 3-Jean-Luc Park 4-Drew Coveney 1-Zachary Kupfe Jean-Luc Park at Endicott 01/31/17 53-81 L 9-Drew Muniz 7-Zachary Kupfe 3-Gavin Dibble 2-Drew Coveney 2-Drew Coveney ROGER WILLIAMS 02/04/17 69-79 L 18-Gavin Dibble 11-Drew Coveney 3-Drew Coveney 3-Drew Coveney 2-Zachary Kupfe CURRY 02/08/17 99-65 W 18-Tom Nason 8-Tom Nason 3-Daron Hoges, 2-Jean-Luc Park 2-Tom Nason Drew Coveney Jean-Luc Park CJ Autry Daron Hoges, Gavin Dibble EASTERN NAZARENE 02/11/17 60-65 L 15-Gavin Dibble 8-Daron Hoges, 7-Drew Coveney 4-Drew Coveney 1-Drew Coveney at Gordon 02/14/17 72-80 L 19-CJ Autry 7-Jean-Luc Park 4-Drew Patno 3-Drew Coveney None Jean-Luc Park at Nichols 02/18/17 69-86 L 12-Jackson McCoy 8-Drew Patno 2-Drew Patno 2-Gavin Dibble None
2016-17 Men's Basketball Univ. of New England Game-by-Game Highs (FINAL) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Daron Hoges, Jackson McCoy CJ Autry Gavin Dibble at Nichols 02/21/17 71-89 L 23-CJ Autry 7-CJ Autry 3-Drew Patno 2-Gavin Dibble 2-Jackson McCoy Daron Hoges,